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Red Pen Bristol's two-in-one service always includes both proofreading and editing. 

Graduate essays or dissertations? Application materials?
Emails, speeches, or memos?
Creative writing? Personal reflections? 
Blogs or social media posts?

Whatever you’re writing, we’re here to help. 
The Proofreading
The proofreading part of our two-in-one service corrects the basics:

- Spelling, grammar and typos
- Inconsistencies in spelling, names or formatting
- Confusing or otherwise unprofessional formatting
- Inaccurate or inappropriate vocabulary
- Broken parallel structure
The Editing
The editing part of our two-in-one service addresses more complex issues. Services in this area include the following:

- Smoothing of text flow and awkward or inappropriate phrasing
- Adjustments to create an appropriate tone
- Adjustments to poor organisation of ideas within paragraphs
- Thorough comments on weaknesses in application materials
- Comments on major logical weaknesses or poor transitions

*Note that RPB is not a tutoring service. Edits may not necessarily include comments.
If word count is less than 1,000 words,
price is fixed at just $15.00 (~£11.50)

If word count is less than 12,000 words,
the rate is $15.00 or (~£11.50) per 1,000 words.

If word count is more than 12,000 words,
enjoy our discount rate of $14.25 (~£10.90) per 1,000 words.

RUSH orders = Regular price + 50% of regular price

*Discount rate applies to documents (not orders) over 12,000 words.
*Website will display all fees in USD. Exchange rate is fixed to USD.
Return Times
If word count is less than 15,000 words:
All REGULAR orders are returned in 2 - 3 days (72 hours max).
All RUSH orders are returned in 36 hours.

If word count is more than 15,000 words:
Add 4-5 hours per additional 5,000 words.

Is word count over 25,000 words?
Email for an estimated return.

*If you need a return in LESS than 36 hours, contact us directly at
*Yes! We do work on weekends.

We check for consistency and typos in citations. We do not fully format citations. If a precise style is provided, we will aim to offer feedback or to make more precise edits.