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Red Pen Bristol's two-in-one service always includes both proofreading and editing. 

Graduate essays or dissertations? Application materials?
Emails, speeches, or memos?
Creative writing? Personal reflections? 
Blogs or social media posts?

Whatever you’re writing, we’re here to help. 
What's your Word Count (WC)?

WC < 1,000 words = $18 (~£13.00)

1000 words < WC < 12,000 words
$0.018 (~£0.013) per word

12,000 words < WC
$0.017 (~£0.01225) per word

RUSH fee = 50% of regular price

*Fees are fixed to USD.
Return Times
What's your Word Count (WC)?

WC < 15,000 words
Regular return = 3 days (72 hours max.)
RUSH return = 48 hours

15,000 words < WC < 25,000 words
+5 hours per 5,000 words over 15,000 words

25,000 words < WC
Email for an estimated return. 

*Need a return in LESS than 48 hours? Contact us at — We’ll do our best to help with urgent returns, but it will depend on our schedule. Please check first.
The Editing (Always Included)
We work for ESL writers often. We know more support is needed than basic proofreading. Therefore, our two-in-one service includes copy editing meant to complement the proofreading service. It includes the following:

- Correction of illogical and/or awkward phrasing
- Adjustments to create an appropriate tone
- Adjustments to poor organisation of ideas within paragraphs
- Comments on major logical failures or poor transitions
- Guiding comments on weaknesses in application materials

*Note that RPB is not a tutoring service. Edits may not necessarily include comments.
The Proofreading
The proofreading part of our two-in-one service corrects the basics:

- Spelling, grammar and typos
- Inconsistencies in spelling, names or formatting
- Inaccurate or inappropriate vocabulary
- Broken parallel structure

* Corrections for formatting generally includes font and paragraph break consistency. Formatting problems with heading consistency are corrected at the editor's discretion.

* If you have specific dissertation formatting needs, please let us know via email. Institutional requirements vary. We aim to work with clients on dissertation/thesis formatting issues on an individual basis.
Citations & Formatting

We check citations for consistency and typos. Formatting is per the editor's discretion. If a precise style guide is provided, we will aim to apply its details within the scope of our proofreading and editing service.