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Misspelled words that Word won’t catch

Word's "Spelling and Grammar Check" is a great tool. But humans are still better spell checkers. Our editors catch words all the time that escaped that red squiggly line! 

The five words below are some of the most common examples of the spelling errors that Word fails to catch for our clients. 

  1. Customer/costumer – A "customer" is somebody who buys a product or service. A "costumer" is a person who makes costumes for events like Halloween!
  2. Country/county – England is a "country" that is governed by a central government. England is composed of "counties" such as Yorkshire, Devon, and the West Midlands, which are governed by local councils.
  3. Manager/manger – A "manager" is somebody in charge of a person or company. A "manger" is a trough used to feed farm animals!
  4. Forth/fourth – "Fourth" is the ordinal number that comes after third. "Forth" refers to a move forward in time or place: A pendulum swings back and "forth".
  5. Summary/summery – A “summary” is a brief statement of the main points of an argument or document. “Summery” is an adjective referring to a type of weather: The beach is a lovely place to be on a warm, “summery” day.