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Why do you always both proofread and edit?

Proofreading is the correction of spelling errors, punctuation errors, typos or incorrect use of regional English (UK versus US English).


Editing is the adjustment of confusing sentences and poor organisation, the elimination of wordiness and the clarification of ambiguity.


Red Pen Bristol offers a single service. Our one service always includes both proofreading and editing. Why?


Consider the paragraph below:

This paragraph has several problems. If we apply just proofreading alone, we can fix the following problems: 

But this is still not a great paragraph. There are more problems that only editing changes can resolve. Check out the paragraph now, complete with new editing changes: 

That’s much better. Now, the information is presented in a more logical way, which means the writer only needs to use “however” once. Two more appropriate vocabulary choices have been substituted too. That’s why Red Pen Bristol only offers one service: a proofreading and editing service. Instead of fixing just basic mistakes, we want our clients to leave with a text that is truly better prepared for submission.