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How to stop wasting your time

So, exam season is just around the corner, you should’ve started studying about three weeks ago, and you’re panicking because there’s only 24 hours in a day. All of your friends are in the same boat, but that doesn’t do much to help your ever-increasing state of panic.


However, don’t fret just yet! Here are a few ways you can make best use of the time you have left before deadlines.  


1.     Put your phone down – sure, you only spend a couple of minutes browsing Instagram or texting your friends from back home, but those minutes add up and soon enough you’ve spent hours watching videos of dancing cats. If you struggle to part from your phone, ask a friend or housemate to watch it for the day and it’ll be much easier.

2.     Meal prep – contrary to what social media tells you, meal prep isn’t just grim looking Tupperware containers of chicken and broccoli. Spend a couple of hours once a week making huge batches of your favourite meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and you’ll be surprised how much time you save yourself later on.

3.     Adjust your sleep – if you work better in the morning, go to bed at 8pm! If you’re more of a night owl, wake up later. It may be tempting to spend 12 hours a day hazily working, but you can do a lot more in a lot less time if you’re truly focused.

4.     Take breaks – this one may seem counter-intuitive, but taking a short break every couple of hours or so really helps your concentrate and make the most of the time spent studying. Take the time to make a cup of tea, grab a snack, or even just go outside to take in some fresh air.