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Why humans make for better editors than computers

Microsoft Word is an incredible tool for writers, and is extremely useful for catching silly mistakes we all miss. In fact, Word’s spelling and grammar check is one of our favourite tools at Red Pen! However, Microsoft Word is not perfect, and sometimes your work needs a human touch before final submission.


We’ve made a list of the reasons why you shouldn’t rely on Microsoft Word to make any real changes to your work!


1.     Microsoft Word can’t detect repeated phrases or sentence. While Word will tell you when you’ve used “the” three times in a row, but it doesn’t notice if you’ve copied and pasted a paragraph in the process of editing, whereas a human editor can easily detect repeated information.

2.     Only a human can edit sentences because of “awkward English”. There are lots of examples of sentences that are grammatically correct, but sound awkward and can easily disrupt the flow of an essay. Us editors can pick those sentences from a mile off, but Word will leave them as they are.

3.     Your computer can’t provide you with meaningful suggestions. The extent of Word’s suggestions come in the form of “Revise grammar”, whereas our editors will tell you when there’s an issue with your work and give you constructive suggestions on how to fix it.


With our team of over 50 editors, Red Pen Bristol is always there to help you when your computer lets you down.