How it began...
While earning my MA in English, several international classmates began regularly asking for advice on their assignments. I quickly realised that although their ideas were complex and intelligent, their essays were disorganized and confusing because of grammatical mistakes and weak writing skills. That year I decided to create Red Pen Bristol, my goal being to help individuals to put their thoughts on paper in a correct and professional way.
What is our mission?
Red Pen Bristol is dedicated to providing high quality proofreading and editorial services to individuals interested in improving how they present their ideas in English. We are a strictly academic service looking to help college students, graduate students, and developing professionals communicate their own ideas with fluency and grace.
What do we do?
We take your English text and first eliminate all basic errors, from grammar to spelling to typos. After, we provide more complex suggestions regarding the content, from offering vocabulary alternatives to guidance on the organization and presentation of ideas.
How do we help?
We help by building your vocabulary through providing alternative suggestions and by improving your writing skills through explaining the corrections behind common errors. Our proofreading and editing service is uniquely designed to support your growth in the English language.
What services do we offer?
From just a paragraph to book-length publications, we proofread and edit all texts. Our main submissions include graduate essays, group projects, and dissertations, as well as professional emails, memos, work documents, and various application materials. Our CV, resume, and cover letter services include keyword integration for the same price.
Ready to achieve your goals?
Contact Red Pen Bristol. Simply click “Send us your paper” in red at the top of the page, or email inquiries to